Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hi all,

Today i will review a new application called Intelligencia.

Intelligencia has two products that i would like to review
First is:

Intelligencia Olap Controls
Intelligencia Olap Controls allow you to add state of the art Olap query capability to your application

Installation experience:

Small size installation and easy to install no special requirements.

First Impression:

Don't have!!! could not connect to any of my olap servers, i guess that someone inthe product team forgot to code some minimal connection wizard
so all i could use is a poor connection string text box & couldn't connect!





Graphic User Interface:

From what i could see in the pictures in Intelligencia site
it look clean and nice to work with, is has ribbon as the menu component.

Money Worth

£599.00!!! A Lot more work should be done in order for a developer to buy such a product
in that price.

Overall Rating:


Intelligencia for Word 2007

Installation experience:

Large installation relative to a word addin,
You will need to install adomd as prerequisite prior working with the addon,
I don't really understand why they are not doing it during the installation.

First impression:

Nice add on.


Hard to connect to a data source, specially if it has user name and password.
Many problems after creating a new connection that requires name & password.

Sources like local sql server that does not require password are OK to work with
But it seems to take forever to load small amount of data from the server to word.


Nice formatting abilities, i specially liked the parameter driver documents,
the refresh data abilities which make the word document dynamic and very useful
for businesses.
Very nice feature is to be able to connect to many data sources such as Excel, access etc.

The add on is missing sharing abilities such that one can share its insights with co-workers.

Graphic User Interface:

I liked the table/pivot formatting abilities, menus are clear and simple
easy to understand.

Money Worth:

£199.50 I would probably pay this amount for this nice addon
but is surly need some QA before i would buy it, some bugs in the add on are really annoying.

Overall Rating:


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Anonymous said...


I would be happy to help with your connection problems if you would like to contact me at the support email provided in the download email for our products. Without making a connection you cannot really comment on the functionality?

IOC is intended as a developer tool hence we are currently leaving the responsibility for setting up a connection to the developer. The demo application is a harness to show how the control can be invoked. Our experience is that our intended audience of Analysis Services developers are quite familiar with the concept of connection strings and have not experienced any connection problems.

Both of these products are currently in BETA and have been released for feedback and to ensure stability before we make a formal release. You can be assured that we will take into account all constructive criticism in the production releases.


Andrew Wiles (iT-Workplace Limited)