Thursday, January 4, 2007

EZIRIZ - .Net Code Protection & license system

Hi there

Just gut across a very interesting .net application protection called "EZIRIZ"
I'm doing some research for the application I'm working on regarding code protection
and licensing models, i checked many applications all complicated to use and very expensive
(code protection around 1000$ and license component also around 1000$).

I just found out about EZIRIZ , installed the demo version
and it works great, its doing the job easily and quickly and only costs around 190$
for the whole package!

Also tried there support they answered immediately all my questions
Bottom line good product very nice GUI but need some touch here and there

from there web site:
"NET Reactor is a powerful .NET code protection & license system which assists developers in protecting their .NET software. Developers are able to protect their software in a safe and simple way now. This way developers can focus more on development than on worrying how to protect their intellectual property"

This is there website

that's it for now
sin ciao

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